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Cosmetic Buccal Fat Removal

A recent trend to thin the face and delineate the bony lines is through Cosmetic Buccal Fat Removal Surgery. This surgery gives the face a natural slim look and removes the chubby looks that some patients dislike.

Prof Wilson performs the surgery under local or general anesthetic. He makes a small cut in the cheek to access the fat and remove it.

The concept of Cosmetic Buccal Fat Pad Removal by Surgery is simple.  When Dr Wilson removes the pads of fat in your mid-cheek area (called buccal fat pads), you can reveal a slimmer and more contoured face. The results vary, but they almost always come with defined cheek hollows.  These almost look the way they would if you were puckering your lips or blowing a whistle.

As with any cosmetic surgery, there are significant pros and cons to the procedure.

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Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

How is the Cosmetic Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Performed?

Buccal fat removal has been around for decades. In the past, it was typically performed in conjunction with other procedures. However recently has it come into vogue as a solo surgery. Pictures of “perfect” people constantly in the media, induce several patients to seek buccal fat pad removal.

Fortunately, the procedure itself is relatively straightforward. Most candidates feel they have an excess of fat in their face, or an especially round or baby-like face, and want more definition. After anesthesia, Prof Wilson makes an incision inside your cheeks, from the mouth, and the buccal fat pads are located manually.  Dr Wilson will then feel around for the buccal pads, which just look like little globs of fat, and pop them out of your face. The entire procedure takes 30 minutes or less with swelling gone in around two weeks with zero visible scarring.

You’ll be given a special mouthwash to prevent infection. Moreover, you will need to have a liquid diet for about a week until all the cuts inside the mouth heal. However,  you will be able to resume almost all of your usual activities the very next day following the surgery.

Effect of Cosmetic Buccal Fat on Jowls:

Scientists dissecting the buccal fat discovered that age-related increase in buccal fat tends to make the jowls sag downward. This has the unsightly effect of creating the lumpy jowls around the jawline. During the past decade, Prof Wilson has been increasingly using buccal fat removal surgery to treat jowls, with fantastic results.

Buccal Pad of Fat causing Jowls removed at Best Plastic Surgery Egypt
Normal Buccal fat pad
Buccal Pad of Fat causing Jowls removed at Best Cosmetic Surgery Egypt
Enlarged Buccal fat causing Jowls
Buccal Pad of Fat causing Jowls removed at Best Aesthetic Surgery Egypt
Jowls from sagging buccal pad of fat

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