Professor Adel Wilson is a world renowned Plastic Surgeon, Educator, and Innovator. He was nominated by Who’s Who in Medicine as one of the most influential Plastic Surgeons in this century and repeatedly voted one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. His Innovations and Surgeries are taught worldwide. He pioneered affordable cost Plastic Surgery because Prof Wilson believes it is a right for every individual to look better.

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Back and Bra-Line Vaser Liposuction

The presence of back rolls and lumps of fat around the strap of a bra can be very annoying. Back and Bra-line Vaser Liposuction could alleviate that unsightly appearance and produce dramatic improvements.

The fat on the back can be subdivided into several important areas. Prof Wilson specifically plans the surgery to suck out the fat areas causing most disfigurement.

Fat below the Shoulder Blade
This type of fat is known as infrascapular fat, and is located above the waist but below the shoulder blades. When a woman wears a tight,  this ugly roll of fat bulges just below the bra strap. With more fat accumulation, the skin and underlying fat tissue could bunch-up forming parallel unsightly rolls of fat.

Fat above and around the hips: Medical professionals call it  posterior waist fat.

Fat at the outer top corner of the back near the armpit: Medical professionals call it Posterior Back fat. 

Lower Back fat pad lies in the midline of the lower back, just above the tailbone.

Buffalo hump or Back Neck Hump is the name given to  fat located around the back of the neck. This fat becomes prominent and quite disfiguring with increasing degrees of obesity.

Back and Bra-Line Vaser smart Liposuction for Back Rolls at Best Plastic Surgery in Egypt
Back and Bra-Line Vaser smart Liposuction for Back Rolls at Best Cosmetic Surgery in Egypt
Professor Wilson at the Nile Cosmetic Center

How is the Back and Bra-line Vaser Liposuction Performed?

Basically speaking, it is a form of High Definition Smart Vaser Liposuction that uses fine tubes and induces minimum trauma to the skin. Unfortunately, fat in the back is of the “brown” type, which makes it tough and challenging to break down. This is different from the “yellow fat” found in the tummy, thighs, and arms, which tends to be softer. Prof Wilson uses a Higher intensity of Vaser to successfully perform the Back and bra-line liposuction. The keyword for a successful outcome is to avoid over-liposuction.

How does Weight loss affect Back and Bra-line Vaser Liposuction

Weight loss by dieting reduces the size of fat cells, but does not affect the number of fat cells nor the skin quality. Furthermore, brown fat in the back characteristically has multiple fibrous septae between the fat cells. With weight loss, the fat cells become smaller but the fibrous tissue remains unchanged. Thus after a large loss of weight, the remaining compartment of fat will have a higher ratio of fibrous tissue relative to fat cells. Consequently, Prof Wilson finds it more difficult to treat patients with rolls of fat on the back after they lose weight. Patients who are near their maximum all-time weight will have a higher ratio of fat cells to fibrous tissue, and this will liposuction easier. This particularly applies to the back area, which is rich in brown fat, but not to other areas of the body with abundant “yellow” fat.

Risks of Back and Bra-line vaser Liposuction

Fortunately back and bra-line liposuction is usually a straight forward safe surgery. However dark spots may appear around the small cuts used for liposuction, and these might warrant treatment with local creams to remove the pigment.

Sometimes excessive liposuction may injure the under-surface of the skin and cause dimpling and puckering, in addition to untoward discoloration of the skin. This rare problem, if it happens, might require further surgery for correction.

What is the cost of Back and Bra-line Vaser Liposuction?

Professor Wilson believes that affordable cost plastic surgery is the right of every individual. He will never allow financial restraints to prevent you from having a slim sexy harmonious body. However, many factors affect the cost of smart high definition Vaser Back and Bra-line Liposuction, including the extent of surgery, amount of fat, type of skin, and other factors. After the consultation, the patient coordinator will offer you an affordable price quote.

A rough estimate of costs is available on this webpage.

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