Remarkable Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Full Rhinoplasty and Tip Rhinoplasty and Dorsal Hump Rhinoplasty at Best Cosmetic Surgery in Egypt
Full face Lift and Mid face Lift and Brow Lift and Neck Lift are performed by the Best plastic Surgery at the Nile Cosmetic Center
Vaser Liposuction and 4Dimensional Liposuction and igh Definition Liposuction at the Nile Cosnetic Center which is best Cosmetic Surgery in Egypt
Body Contouring
Best Plastic surgery offers the best Rhinoplasty and Best Nose job surgery in Egypt and in the Middle East with innovations by Prof Wilson
Revision Rhinoplasty
Nile Cosmetic Center is Best Plastic Surgery in Egypt and the Middle East
Patient Photos
Breast Augmentation by Silicon Implants and by Fat Injection to achieve Breast Enhancement and Breast augmentation at Best cosmetic Surgery
Breast Augmentation
Online Consultations
Prof Wilson is the Best Plastic Surgeon and Best Cosmetic Surgeon in egypt and worldwide with inventions all over the world
About Prof Dr. Adel Wilson

Privileges of having Plastic Surgery

Having Plastic Surgery with a reputable experienced Surgeon offers you the best option of rejuvenation and restoring your self confidence. Prof Wilson spends ample time with the patient to comprehend his/her exact needs, and then explains what can and what cannot be done. Correct decision making in Plastic Surgery counts for half the success of the outcome. This includes not only surgery, but also cosmetic fillers and non-invasive procedures. 

To US Citizens

The clinic has been endorsed by the us embassy in egypt to provide plastic and cosmetic surgery to us citizens 

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