Testimonials of Best Plastic Surgeon: Professor Wilson

The Testimonials of Best Plastic Surgery practice of Professor Wilson confirm that  patients are offered the Best possible care at an affordable Cost. With most patients flying in for Plastic Surgery from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, they can have the same service in their home country for a fraction of the cost. The testimonials of Best Plastic Surgeon confirm that:

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Prof Wilson

Professional Surgeon

*Communication  was very professional from the first  email with the secretary of Prof Wilson through to the time I made my final decision. I felt confident and I trusted the Center and decided to fly over from Hamburg to have my eyelids done. I would just like to  thank you for looking after me so well during my stay and providing me with such an excellent service.  It was all worth it.

Greta Schubert                                Frankfurt, Moselstrasse, Germany

Miraculous Surgery

* I came with my hand totally amputated, and Professor Wilson made the miracle of putting it back on. Surgery took 16 hours, but these hours gave me back years and years in my life. Can never ever thank you enough.

Hazem Eissa                                                                                                        Cairo, Egypt

Peace Maker!

*When I first met Prof Wilson, I had problems with my husband, and separation was looming in the air. My breasts were so small after my first child was born but I was scared of surgery and skeptical about doctors. The kindness I saw in his eyes made me trust him instantaneously, and after the surgery, wow! everything just seemed to take a turn for the better! Thank you Dr. Wilson and all your dedicated team.

Mona Hamed                                                                                                                           Cairo, Egypt

Best Cosmetic Aesthetic Doctor in Egypt

*When I first met Dr. Wilson, I had marital problems, and divorce was looming in the air. My breasts were so small after my first child was born. I was scared of surgery and skeptical about doctors. The kindness I saw in his eyes made me trust him instantaneously, and after the surgery, wow! everything just seemed to take a turn for the better! Thank you Dr. Wilson and all your dedicated team.

Mona……..                                                                                                                           Cairo, Egypt

* I got a perfect surgery, and nobody ever knew I had a cosmetic procedure done. He doesn’t brag about his celebrity clients!


6 October City, Egypt

Nile Cosmetic Center is state-of-the-art Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery in Egypt

Prof Wilson is truly the Best Plastic Surgeon

*Professor Wilson did an amazing job in my surgery from start to finish. I had a breast augmentation from B to C Cup, using 380 C.C high profile implants. I was quite hesitant for a very long time and chose Dr. Wilson after going to a consultation with him and 3 other doctors in United States. When I came to him for my consultation, he spent a lot of time with me and didn’t rush through it like the other doctors I have visited before. Walaa, his assistant, was also very sweet, friendly, and very knowledgeable.

At the consultation we even got to do some sizing to visualize what I wanted. I told him I wanted a very natural look to have harmony in my body and he knew exactly what I wanted. I already referred some other friends to his clinic, which already got a procedure done. Best choice I’ve ever made.Thank you  Prof Wilson for your support and help.

Ranya Saleeb         ranya13011980@gmail.com

Prof Wilson’s staff are the Best

*Walaa is the most kind and wonderful secretary ever. She is beautiful inside and out. I am very very grateful that she convinced Dr Wilson to reduce his fees so as to fit with my tight budget This is a TRUE medical practice full of humanity, unlike the other money grabbers I visited. THANK YOU

Manar Dewood                               dawoodmanar1998@gmail.com

Marvellous Cosmetic Surgeon

*I gained 26 kilos with my second child although my height is only157 cm and I have always struggled with my weight. I lost 15 kilos when I decided to reach out to Dr Wilson about a Vaser liposuction and Tummy Tuck. The entire staff from start to finish are amazing. I had a breast lift done by him in the past as well. Beautiful work and wonderful bedside manner.

Zeinab Howard , Medinah, Saudi Arabia

Great Plastic Surgeon, Talented Plastic Surgeon, Best Plastic Surgeon

Outstanding Patient care.

*I’m actually so impressed by the results and the bedside manners of Professor Wilson that make you at ease. I have had Gynecomastia and the results were amazing. The after care was superb even after going back to London, I received a call to make sure everything was fine with me. I have been hesitant about this operation for a long time and couldn’t afford the doctors in London but I’ve never felt so confident as I felt with Prof Wilson

Sami Mohsen email: samy.mohsen975@gmail.com

Got Super Plastic Surgery in Cairo.

*I had a gastric bypass 6 years ago, and needed now a tummy tuck and arm lift. Because I was working as a teacher in Cairo, thought I would have it done here. I started by visiting this Clinic which was recommended by the US State Department. Not only was the result of the surgery outstanding, but I paid only a fraction of the cost I would have paid in the USA. I strongly recommend this Clinic and the Best Plastic Surgeon.

Lynn Foxx             lynnfox1978@gmail.com

Best Plastic Surgery, Best Cosmetic Surgery, Nile Cosmetic Center, Best Aesthetic Surgeon

New Butts!

*I am very satisfied with the experience. I had a High Definition Vaser Liposuction and a Brazilian Butt Lift BBL. Prof Wilson was very patient in explaining me the details of the procedure and took time to understand my goals and expectations. The surgery itself went well and I am happy with the results.

Shaima Hamouda, Zamalek, Cairo

*I needed a Neck Liposuction and Neck Lift for so long, but found it quite costly at London. Had an excellent service here for half the UK cost. Thank you sir.

Peter Willoughby, Croydon, United Kingdom

Best Plastic Surgery after Sleeve Gastrectomy

*It had been 5 years since my bariatric surgery, and my overhanging breasts were disgusting. After saving some money, went back to Prof Wilson and got my breasts done this time. I am very very happy and proud with my new pert appearance, and restored self confidence. The surgery was less painful than the last one, and the scars are disappearing by the day.

Lillian Ramzy , Heliopolis Egypt

Best Eyelid Surgery in Egypt!

*From the very start, the professional attitude made me I confident and trust the Clinic.  I plucked my courage and decided to have my eyelids done. Thank you for looking after me so well during my stay and providing me with such an excellent service. I appreciate you giving ample time to every patient in spite of your very busy schedule. It was all worth it.

Sameiya Elmassry                         elmasrysamiya@gmail.com

A Compassionate Plastic Surgeon

* I personally witnessed a situation when you kindly lowered your own fees for someone who could not afford the hospital fees. This shows your kind nature as well as your expert surgery.  Not sure if you will remember, it was about 7 years ago.

Dr. Raafat Samir, MRCPsych.                                                                          Specialist Registrar in Old Age Psychiatry                                                                  North Essex, England

Email: raafatmishriky@hotmail.com

Great Plastic Surgeon, Talented Plastic Surgeon, Best Plastic Surgeon

Love Handles can go away!

*I frequently work out, but had these stubborn love handles that never seemed to go away. Probably my unhealthy eating habits caused it, that was triggered by my frequent travels in my job.
After prolonged hesitation, I decided to have Vaser High Definition 4 Dimensional Liposculpture at the Nile Cosmetic Center. I was impressed with the result which 4 weeks after the procedure, met all my expectations. I regret the years of dieting and agony trying to shed off those extra pounds, when a 1 hour procedure did the trick!

Patrick Mallucci, Chicago, USA

No Nonsense Surgeon!

Dr Adel Wilson is very experienced, and goes straight to the point. He is clear about what can and what cannot be achieved by the intervention. Very professional, punctual and courteous. He referred me to a dietitian because  he does not do dieting regimens, with whom I followed up to avoid putting on weight again. I am very grateful to the Best Plastic Surgeon

Tarik Guindy                  email:tarekgindy@hotmail.com

And Best Plastic Surgeon for Scars

*I had a tribal mark in my forehead that was annoying me and affected my career. Traveled to the UK to have it removed, but no one was able to give me a treatment. I met Professor Wilson and he devised an ingenious surgery to remove the scar and hide it in one of the creases in my face. I am still healing but very happy with the outcome.

Hauwa Chibadu    Zaria, Nigeria        hchubadu@gmail.com

Plastic Surgeon in Cairo better than in New York!

*Been getting my Botox and Juvederm fillers annually at NYC, and am now teaching in Cairo. Was anxious about having my next injection in Cairo, but chose this Center which was highly recommended and endorsed by the US State Department. It was a fantastic experience, and I got even better care than in NY. Prof Wilson gave me a nerve numbing injection at first, and this made the Botox totally painless. The stuff he uses is FDA approved and identical to what I had in the US. I am proud to be a patient of Dr Wilson.

Jenifer O’Brien    obrienj925@gmail.com

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Greetings to the Best Plastic Surgeon

*Dear Prof. Wilson;

Greetings from Amman, Jordan.

Allow me to express our utmost gratitude to you and your staff.

I must admit to you Dear Prof. Wilson, that we had our fears for conducting a surgery as out-of-state travelers without knowing and/or vetting our surgeon.  I am grateful that our experience was so positive,  your candidness, brilliance, courtesy, and ultimate professionalism were highly appreciated. You are a competent, sensitive and safe  physician and we consider you a prize for the medical profession. We  did not have to wait long before discovering that the treatment we received was very sensitive and kind. We send our  heartfelt thanks to you, to your team,  and the nurses who assisted. Please convey our gratitude to Walaa your wonderful assistant for her cheerful, and efficient handling of our booking at your clinic.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and good humor when operating on my case and my sister’s. We are comforted to have met you and known you, we will be seeing you very soon Inshalla. Keep safe and God bless your heart. Warmly,

Sonia Shahhin and the Family                email: shahinsonia@yahoo.com

New Eyelids

*I considered doing an upper blepharoplasty for a couple of years but was afraid of it being botched and was having trouble scheduling it with work . With pandemic measures allowing me to work from home I finally went and had the surgery in May 2020. Professor Wilson was professional, as I expected from someone with his credentials. The nurse Theresa was great as well. In the first couple of days I stayed head up at all times, had some discomfort and blurry vision. Didn’t take any pain medications, just used tobramycin antibiotic cream and cleaned with Dettol wipes. I love the look I have now, even though it has only been 10 days. It was totally worth it.

Mariah Ponnce, New Cairo, Egypt

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Egypt and Prof Wilson

*Yess skinny people can get Brazilian Butt Lift.

I was very fortunate to have Prof Wilson at Nile Cosmetic Center perform my BBL. At surgery I was 5’2 and 135lbs with the measurements of 36,  30, 41 bust waist hips. I’m currently the same height and weight but I’m a 38, 26, 44. My waistline turns eyes and my hip dips are just beautiful.  Christina Barsoum , Beverly Hills Zayed, Egypt

From London to Cairo for Plastic Surgery

*I was in desperate need of a breast lift and reduction after breastfeeding 3 kids. Dr. Wilson and his team were recommended to me by another patient of his, I’m glad I chose him and very happy with the treatment and surgery I received. From our first email to post-op, all personnel in Nile Cosmetic Center have been very attentive.

Upon my request, I was met at the airport, and upon arrival at the Center, I was greeted by lovely nurses and a clean hospital. Prof Wilson talked me through everything. I was very nervous about being put under general anaesthetic, but his kind nature soon put me at ease. Prof Wilson has done a fantastic job, my breasts look wonderful and I’m so happy with them. Healing has been very straight forward with no problems, and Dr. Raafat, the assistant still keeps in contact for regular updates. The treatment I received was excellent value for money. Thank you for looking after me

Kelly MCarthur email: McarthurKelly 37@gmail.com

Best Plastic Surgeon, Nile Cosmetic Center, Best Cosmetic Surgeon

A professional Plastic Surgeon

* I visited half the plastic surgeons in Egypt to have my rhinoplasty, but couldn’t get myself to trust any of them. When a friend suggested Prof Wilson, I was immediately enchanted by his confident attitude, professional consultation, detailed explanation, and tender understanding of my problem.  He created computer generated images of my new nose, and now I have a nose of which I am genuinely proud!

Miriette Farag
Nasr City, Egypt

Clockwork accuracy

*I flew from Sharm Elsheikh to Cairo, got my consultation, had my surgery the next day as planned, then flew back to Sharm Elsheikh to resume my work after 2 days. Everything went as scheduled, accurate as clockwork. Never imagined such a service was possible in Egypt!

Daren Palmoski                                                 Sharm ElSheikh, Egypt                                       email:doo12311@yahoo.com

Prof adel Wilson at the Best Cosmetic Surgery at the Nile Cosmetic Center
Prof Adel Wilson at the Nile Cosmetic Center
Best Cosmetic Aesthetic Doctor in Egypt
Prof Wilson at the Nile Cosmetic Center

Tummy Tuck

*I had a Tummy Tuck with Prof Wilson December 2019. The entire process from the initial consultation and payment options to post-op care was highly organized and tailored to assist patients. Dr. Wilson and everyone else I interacted with at the Nile Cosmetic center were always friendly, professional and super helpful. They were available after hours for any questions or concerns. I was very nervous going into surgery but Dr. Wilson did a great job making me feel a lot more comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with my results . Rasha ElAshry, Rehab City, Cairo, Egypt

Plastic Surgery better and more affordable than the USA

* Ever since I was 15, my breasts were big, almost triple-D! It caused me discomfort in the neck and a huge embarrassment in high school. I wanted to have them reduced in size and lifted, and spent hours online searching for the best plastic surgeon. Prices here in the Denver, Colorado were way out of my league because insurance refused to cover them! But at last I found Dr. Wilson!

It was a wonderful experience, a visit to Egypt, sightseeing in Cairo, having the surgery done and leaving the Center the very same day, continuing my tour 2 days after the surgery, and wow… what beautiful perfectly symmetric breasts: the perfect size C pert breasts I always dreamed about, and almost invisible scarring … it was just perfect. I am grateful to Prof. Wilson and the wonderful staff of the Nile Cosmetic Center, and want to write in very bold letters: THANK YOU!

Amanda Goodwill

Denver, Colorado, USA

Family Stigma? No more

*We inherited big ugly noses from our father’s side of the family. First my elder sister had a rhinoplasty with Dr. Wilson, and we thought she was a traitor to abandon the family trait! Well, within 6 months, myself and my 2 younger sisters also had it done! We started a new family trait! Thanks Dr. Wilson!

Shima Husein
Moharam Bey, Alexandria

Prof Adel Wilson is Best Plastic Surgeon and Best Cosmetic Surgeon at the Nille Cosmetic Center
Prof Wilson at work
Prof Wilson

Best Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon in Egypt, Best Cosmetic Surgery